5 biggest obstacles in the website translation services 

A website is the simplest way to generate more revenue and company’s credibility. The business also gets the customer’s loyalty. Serving the international market is not easy. It requires a lot more as there are hundreds of languages waiting for you to translate. Managing an in-house site is somehow easy but website translation in multiple languages to address the needs of the global audience is quite challenging and needs additional efforts, expertise, and services.

This process of translating a business website into a new language comes with many challenges. The translation and localization experts have to consider all these quite well. However, five of the most constant problems they face and have to overcome are

  1. Cost

First of all, the cost is important for all types of translation. For websites, it gets pricey and expensive. The whole process of hiring translators, editors, and reviewers doesn’t come simple. This requires the server setup and a proper plan. The businesses should ensure that they take care of everything and have narrowed down the options of cost-effective packages before they lock one. The QA translations and the functionality with the management of translation workflows are also a must. The conditions get tough and strict for the websites. This is because of the popularity and difficulties that come with certain languages. This is why there are different charges for the different language pairs.

The experts suggest, that the teams can minimize their expenditures after taking particular measures. Businesses can also use some in-house services and resources to avoid the big dent in their pocket.

  1. Speed to market

Translation of websites often gets delayed due to the involvement of the in-house teams. As they are a bit slow and behind in adopting the latest website challenges. The workflow in translation gets different. Working on a multilingual website can require a year or so. As some evidence reports,  it also takes more than 18 months. The competitors can penetrate new markets and capture market trends during this time. The competitive edge is the biggest problem. The teams should not ignore it as it emerges as the most challenging factor. These delays can make competitors take the edge of market availability.

Therefore, it is also imperative to be mindful of the fact that when your sales team is asking for marketing and digital content to incorporate into their efforts, provide them right away. Delaying such material can make you miss the most important chance of penetrating new markets effectively.

  1. Lean teams

Businesses and entrepreneurs have often started going to lean team ideas according to which they have made smaller groups of teams. They usually practice this for balance in an organization. Therefore, belonging to such a hierarchy come as another big problem that you might face while translating your website. Translating a website is not an easy task. It is challenging, technical, and extremely hectic. Moreover, the nature of your business and the products that you display on your website also decide the challenging situation. If you intend to translate a medical website you will have to seek medical translation services for that purpose.

The work gets increases exponentially when you root for website translation in multiple languages. The lack of relevant proficiency and other skills can affect the work badly.

  1. Technical compatibility

This is one of the important problems that people have to cater. They get to struggle with finding the right technology that can go seamlessly with the translation of their multilingual website. They have to work efficiently to contemplate with current and future technology stack.

The CMS here is not an option that could be relied on in the long term. CMS features are quite frequently underdeveloped and they require massive manual effort to function properly. Typically they are not connected to translation procedures. The teams have to manually get the translatable material and submit it to the agencies and design and maintain interfaces. This also gets vulnerable in case you plan to change the website or intend to resurface or change its platform. Particularly when you have to deal with video games or game content, things get more technical and it gets struggling to make it compatible technically. For the translation of video games, video game translation services from an expert translation vendor are advised who can also take care of the technical aspects.

  1. Maintenance and repairing 

The Website Translation Services is also challenging due to regular costs and maintenance. As most people assume the work of a multilingual website doesn’t get over with its launch and being live. With the fresh information making live locally, it is also important to take care of the global website where you have added a project. Furthermore, you have to take care of maintenance and look for the site operation, its usability uptime, and the business performance. The SEO and localized social material then aid these. There are always technical glitches and bugs post-release that the teams have to consider and fix. The repairing and maintenance is therefore often an issue to make up with.


Translating the website into multiple languages is a hectic task. It requires a lot more effort than language proficiency in both languages. Translation agencies and businesses often come across multiple issues during the process even after their proven experience. They have to consider cost, market opportunities, technical compatibility, and repair and maintenance of the website post its release.

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