Bad Bunny, Why Are Bad Bunny Tickets Rare In The US? Unrevealed Facts 

Puerto Rico is not only a land where mountains and landscapes exist. There are some other precious things. Yes, I am talking about the Bad Bunny, the author of Diles song. This is the rapper who turned the world crazy with his rapping capability in Latin. One saying goes with his rap is, once you hear, one step closer to Latin trap.

Before I say something about him, it is noteworthy to say that Bad Rabbit is not Bad Bunny. And one more thing I assure you, his jaw-dropping history can’t be explained and will blow your mind. So, have the sounds about him below. 

Bad Bunny Tickets, Public Demands

Often Latin rap lovers get upset since it is becoming harder day by day to get a ticket to the Bad Bunny Concert. Hey, Benito Antonio Martinez Ocasio, shortly Bad Bunny, is the performer who performed ‘Booker T’ in Royal Rumble, WWE, in 2021. Moreover, the well-known artist named Cardi B became a significant fan of Bad Bunny after their collaboration creation ‘I Like It’ in 2018. He also played a substantial role in the Mia song that was featured by Drake

Similar to these, he has stepped into various incomparable roles in recent years and reached number 9 on Billboard 200 in 2019. Now you can realize why all the tickets get sold, don’t you?

Bad Bunny’s Career Life

Bad Bunny is one of those performers who started their career early in life. At the age of 14, he started launching his writings and creations. The platform that he used is SoundCloud. In 2013, he published ‘Get’, ‘Tentacion’ in 2014, 2015 ‘Just Let Me Know’ and others in the next few years. An amazing piece of information is his creation ‘Ahora Me Llama’, which made him spotted by Billboard and honoured with the number 10. 

In the same year, he signed a booking deal with a company named Cardenas Marketing Network. The primary aim of this company was to serve a number of Latin American Regions. In addition, he hosted Beats 1 as well and obtained immense popularity. 

Another billboard news is Bad Bunny reached again in the list of top 100 in 2018 with the song ‘Mia‘. However, it was created with Drake, who was awarded the same. In 2020, Bad Bunny’s album, ‘ X 100pre’, obtained votes for ‘500 Greatest Albums of All time’. Besides Cardi B and Drake, he also has a professional relationship with J Balvin and Residente. 

Bad was a guest performer in many shows. One of the remarkable shows was Super Bowl LIV in 2020. Shakira and Jennifer Lopez headline the entire show. In the same year, he released another biggest hit album, YHLQMDLG, which featured several artists, Daddy Yankee, Yaviah, Jowell & Randy, Nengo Flow and others. By shocking all the singers and rappers, this album was honoured as number two by Billboard 200. 

Bad Bunny is not just a musician; he is also a professional model and actor. He expanded his professional hand toward Sony Pictures in April and signed as El Muerto. In the following year, he was featured by Vogue magazine as a model of the best bags. Besides all these, his album Un Verano Sin Ti hit the record and reached the top of Billboard 200. So, you will see him on television on 12 January 2024 in Spider-Man Universe. 

About his income, till now, he collected millions of dollars from different albums and shows. He only collected over 232.5 million dollars from his fourth concert tour, World’s Hottest Tour. 

Now you can imagine why all tickets run out before your reach. In simple words, whatever he creates, becomes counted on the Billboard.

Bad Bunny’s Early Life

The legend Bad Bunny was in the Almirante Sur Barrio of Vega Baja (a city in Puerto Rico) on 10 March 1994. He is from a family of a truck driver named Tito Martinez and a school teacher named Lysuarie Ocasio. In his family, he has two younger brothers. One, he said, his musical sense developed due to the melody his mother used to hear are salsa, merengue and ballads. 

In his early life, he showed interest in the creations of Daddy Yankee and Hector Lavoe. Due to his eagerness, he perceived significant positive vibes from his family towards the music industry. Although the stage he performs now was pretty challenging for him since he belonged to a small remote area.

Bad Bunny’s Personal Life

In my personal life, Bad Bunny is such an open-minded person. In 2017, during a family dinner session, he met a jewellery designer Gabriela Berlingerri and soon after, they started dating. According to an interview with Los Angeles Times in 2020, he stated about his relationship positively and declared himself as a heterosexual. In the same year, the girl he was dating, Gabriela Berlingerri, was shooted as the first Latina on the cover of Rolling Stone.

Psycho Bunny Does Not Refer To Bad Bunny, The Activism

Bad Bunny is just a name that may sound harsh. But in real life, he is on the other side. He was assisting hands towards the sufferers from Hurricane Maria in Puerto Rico. He developed an organization named Good Bunny Foundation that distributes toys to underprivileged children.

Besides that, he is an award-deserving personage in this area and was nominated for ‘Telemundo’ in the Humanitarian Award of the Year category. With some other immensely popular celebrities, he joined in the protests against government corruption and demanded Ricardo Rosselo’s resignation. 

During The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon in February 2020, he started the Alexa murder. For these several activities towards society, gay and transgender, ‘he has become an icon for the Latin queer community,’ stated Ricky Martin.

All the facts about the most extraordinary personage Bad Bunny bespeak that he must be at that point where people may require to pay high to watch him performing. And it is not a detrimental side at all. Today he is what he deserves and toiled day-night for. Therefore, scarcity of Bad Bunny tickets is not a rare case. 

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