Choosing the Right Scanner for Your Office Needs

Having the right tool for the job applies to office work as much as it applies to any other line of work. Upgrading an office’s scanner is a simple solution that has the power to transform workflow. Fujitsu scanner technology has advanced so far in the past decade, many professionals aren’t even aware that their scanner is out of date or could be more useful during the workday. Understand the breadth of scanners on the market to make the best upgrade decision for your needs.

Legal Scanners

While some industries have moved away from paper documents, law offices are run on a series of massive paper trails. An efficient and accurate modern scanner is the best choice for a busy law office. Here are a few reasons any legal practice may lag behind without the latest scanners, such as the state-of-the-art Fujitsu fi-8170:

  • Scanned documents can’t be lost or damaged like paper documents.
  • Advanced scanner software automatically sorts and organizes stacks of documents, freeing up time.
  • A quality scanner improves the original’s image quality for easy legibility.
  • Digital documents are easier to share and protect across long distances than physical ones.

The latest scanners can tackle over 80 pages per minute without sacrificing accuracy. Easily manage entire storage rooms full of legal documents with the most advanced scanners.

Photo Scanners

Image fidelity is key if your office scans photos or other complex images. The best scanners can faithfully capture every detail, render colors correctly and even improve overall image legibility. For archival purposes, no-touch scanners can tackle documents without damaging them or subjecting them to any handling. Feed-through scanners can be a great choice for pictures with modern jam prevention mechanisms.

One-Touch Scanners

Sometimes the best solution for a busy office is a tool that does its job and stays out of the way. If your office environment has a few workers who struggle with complicated technology, invest in a one-touch scanner. These simple scanners digitize documents at the touch of a button, and a clear display asks where the user would like to deposit the finished file.

High-Volume Scanners

Many industries wrestle with large paper documents that may seem difficult to scan. Medical offices may have patient charts that number in the hundreds of pages. Scanning these documents quickly and securely is possible with the best high-volume scanners. A chart that used to take hours may be finished in minutes with a new machine.

Cloud Scanners

An interconnected office environment can slow down when employees can’t access the necessary files. Scanners connected to the cloud via wifi can solve this problem by uploading scanned documents directly to shared folders. Employees can access these folders from any device, even phones on the go. Improve collaboration and eliminate time-wasting back-and-forths with a cloud-enabled scanner such as the portable Fujitsu ScanSnap.

Advanced scanners come in a variety of shapes and sizes, and each has features suited to different office environments. Lawyers, medical offices and accounting firms can benefit from the raw power of high-volume scanners. A busy professional may prefer a portable option that can fit inside a briefcase. Schools can benefit from easy-to-use one-touch models. The best scanner for you is the one that best aligns with your specific scanning needs.

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