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Designer Skin Tanning Lotion, Looking For The Best Tanning Lotion?

We often look for the best products for any purpose. And with various scientific explanations, we came up to know how tanned skin helps us. Other than all, tanned skin significantly enhances our beauty since various reports say people are attracted towards tanned skin more than fair. So, here comes the Designer Skin tanning lotion.  

There are some other vital reasons for choosing to be tanned. However, considering all the tanning lotions, there are only a number of lotions which can serve you the best. And Designer Skin is a brand that you can go with undoubtedly. 

Designer Skin Lotion Benefits

There are a number of privileges you will perceive from the lotions of Designer Skin. Here are the primitive reasons for choosing this brand.


Applying one of the lotions from this brand will help you gain a natural tan colour on your skin. Hence, you will receive an attractive skin tone that will prompt compliments towards you. 


After applying tanning lotions, your skin will release endorphins that occur in naturally tanned skin and after working out. As a result, you will start feeling lighter than before. 

Supply of Vitamin D

Vitamin D is the food for the skin, and tanning through this lotion can supply you with this nutrient without a doubt. It will rejuvenate your skin and slow the ageing process. Moreover, in the US, more than 70% of people are suffering from a lack of Vitamin D.

Red Light Absorption

Most of our devices, including mobiles, and laptops, emit blue lights, and our skin absorbs them. The fact is, there should be a proper balance of red and blue light on our skin. Therefore the formula of this lotion balances the light and helps our skin prevent numerous diseases.

Best Designer Skin Tanning Lotion For Any Skin

Since we are talking about tanning lotion today, all of the products from the house of Designer Skin can help you enormously. Yet, here are the miraculous lotions which will demonstrate the results in the first instance. 

Designer Skin Visionary

Visionary is a lotion that is a golden tanning fusion of Tyrosine and Peptide; therefore, it can leave a bronze tone on your skin. The dark tanning lotion comes with a fragrance of white sand. Application of Visionary lotion will structure a velvety silicone on your skin, and due to Tyrosine and Peptide, you will perceive a natural glowing bronze colour. Again, the silicone blurs the lines on your skin by highlighting the tan colour and enriching the skin with natural beauty. And about skin hydrating tasks, Visionary has an unrevealed formula to make you feel lighter, luminous and luxurious. 

Sunless Triple Threat Intensifier

Let’s find our second choice, which is Sunless Triple Threat Intensifier. The robust dark tanning formula is a blend of tyrosine that promotes melanin production, similar to UV light’s production and results in glowing skin. The peptide of this lotion enhances collagen production and grabs all the benefits of red light treatment. As a formula’s part, the pH serum balances the skin’s pH level and promotes the jubilant characteristics of the skin; coffee and coffee seeds are there. Other than that, the application of this lotion will leave a passion fruit mango aroma on your skin.

Star Crossed

A lotion that leaves a vanilla essence with a tanned result on your skin is skin Crossed from the Designer Skin house. This intensifier lotion will promote your skin tone with a natural glow and help your skin to transport light. The fifth house fusion works as a layer of hydration on your skin and defends against free radicals. Moreover, the celestial glow complex enriches the skin with jubilant characters with the proper use of caffeine and allantoin. 

So, which one is your next tool to turn your skin tanned?

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