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Jim Jones Net Worth, The Best No Racism Policies In USA

Jim Warren Jones, an American cult leader, well known for being the leader of the religious group “Peoples Temple” in San Francisco and leading the murder of more than 900 members, acclaimed as the “Jones town Massacre” in 1978. About Jim Jones net worth, there is a massive mystry. 

His commitment was to “wipe out racism and immorality all over United States of America” by adopting any means even if it led to massacre. He exercised brainwashing and mind control techniques on the members of his group, “Peoples Temple ” making them believe that he was trustworthy and informed.

Jim Jones Awards, Life Styles And Achievements

Jones practiced churchgoing from an early age and in the 1950s and ’60s in Indianapolis, Jones gained the reputation  as a charismatic churchman having psychic abilities. He received the fourth annual Martin Luther King Jr. Humanitarian Award in January 1977. 

Despite accusations, migrated to Guyana and established an agricultural organization called Jones town and confiscated passports and assets of his followers forcing them to conduct bizarre rehearsals for a ritual massacre. 

Finally in 1978 after congressman, Leo Ryan was attacked, Jones accomplished a suicide mass killing on the compound od Jones town where 918 people were killed by cyanide poisoning including 304 minors. He is widely known as a psychopath in America’s history, believed to be rooted in him for the cruelty and madness in his childhood. 

He stated that the church  was for “divine principles and total equity”. Believing that Americans adopted racism  he stated that, “If we can’t live in peace,then let’s die in peace” for which he manipulated the members of Peoples  Temple to conduct mass suicide. 

Possessing a strong will for a society for without discrimination, he adapted every measures to overcome the problems and for his determination, when he couldn’t change the environment, he took mass murder as a path. Despite the massacre he committed, his ideology was praiseworthy for which he received the humanitarian Award. 


Jim Jones Facts And Jim Jones Net Worth

About Jim Jones net worth, the cult members engaged themselves in a communal lifestyle that holds the possibility to hand all their wealth and property to Jones. In addition, from the collection-plate offerings, selling the member’s properties and their social security checks, the cult received more than $60,000 a month. 

Jones also conducted some other money raising activities. The nursing homes, a small food truck operated by the Temple and selling grapes from the vineyards were some additional money making ventures conducted by the Temple. From all these estimations, it can be deducted that the net worth of Jones was approximately 400 thousand dollars. 

The house owned by Jones had an esteemed  value of $742,000. A few hours before the suicide case, Jones transferred 7 million dollars from the fund of Peoples Temple to the Soviet Government in order to help the “oppressed people”. After the Jonestown case, the commissioner said that police recovered $634,867.47. 

Jim Jones Mom And Children

Jones was born on May 13 in 1931. As a child, Jones was deprived from the care of his parents and often nurtured by his neighbors since his family was poverty-stricken due to his father’s illness. Jones was ahead of his peers in terms of education and was seen to always carry the bible with him. In 1945, Jones’ parents got separated and he moved to Indiana with his mother. 

As a means to support his family,Jones worked in Reid hospital in 1946 and fell in love with a nurse-in-training named Marceline Baldwin. He had 9 kids, of which Stephan Gandhi was their only biological child born in June,1959 and others were adopted and after the massacre only his sons were alive. 

Jones died in November 18,1978 aging 47 years which is presumed to be the cause for overdose of drugs. And that was all about Jim Jones net worth and his life styles.

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