The presence of women in the casino is increasing more and more, check out the biggest highlights of the games

Since their inception thousands of years ago, casino games have been exclusive to males, like every other activity. In the 1960s, women increasingly began to participate in the gambling community. Today, there are numerous frequent gaming establishments and diverse forms of wagering, and the number of players and gamblers tends to increase.

The same goes for online casino games like the ones provided by สล็อตเว็บตร. In the 90s, with the popularization of the internet, it didn’t take long for casinos to migrate their games to the virtual world. At that time, women were no longer as submissive as they were in the first half of the 20th century, and many even ventured into virtual gaming, but even so, the online practice was still considered a typically male activity and, with the time, this too has been changing.

But, going back to the pre-60s period, where casinos were just a “man thing”. At that time there were already some women well ahead of their time who were not intimidated by the rules of society and played or bet better than many grown men. Check out 5 of them:

Maria Gertrudis Barcelo:

Known as “La Tules”, the Mexican gained prominence among gamblers in the 1930s, so much so that, in 1935, she opened her hotel and casino in Santa Fe, where she received important people such as great political, business, and religious leaders. She knew how to “read” her opponents and managed to beat them easily. She died aged 47 leaving a fortune to her adopted daughters, and family members and a good sum to charity.

Alice Ivers:

Under the nickname Poker Alice, the British born in 1851 who lived in the US state of Colorado was married to a famous gambler in the region, Frank Duffield. She quickly learned to play as she accompanied her husband to games. After she was widowed, she turned to gambling to earn money and remained in the business until she died in 1930.

Lottie Deno:

The child was born in New Mexico in 1844 to a wealthy family; her father was a successful businessman who taught her all card tricks. Lottie supported her family after the death of her father by establishing a reputation for herself at the betting tables and defeating soldiers who lost their entire pay at games. She passed away in 1934.

Judy Bayley:

In 1956, the American Judy Bayley and her husband established the renowned Hacienda Casino in Las Vegas. Shortly after becoming a widow in 1964, Judy was forced to run the casino on her own, making her the first woman in Nevada’s history to be the solitary proprietor of a casino and earning her the moniker “First Lady of Gaming.” The businessman managed the property until 1971, and 25 years and five orientations later, Hacienda Casino ceased operations to make way for Mandalay Bay, a similarly luxurious resort that works as a casino.

Claudine Williams:

Claudine Williams was the first woman inducted into the Nevada Casino Hall of Fame and the one who opened the door for gaming houses to be more female-friendly in the 1960s. She managed her gaming club in Texas before she turned 21. Already in her adult life, Claudine founded, alongside her husband, the Holiday Casino, which today is called Harrah’s Las Vegas.

Are you inspired by them?

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