WooCommerce Or BigCommerce: Which Platform Is Suitable For Your Business?

If you are working in the Ecommerce sector, or simply planning to enter it. Then after the initial research, the first big question you will have is, ‘WooCommerce or BigCommerce: which one is suitable for your business?’. 

And we have seen hundreds of our clients, facing trouble while deciding whether to choose WooCommerce or BigCommerce. Both ease the work of building an Ecommerce store. But finding out and understanding the factors depending on which the decision should be made is difficult. 

Seeing peoples’ hassles and confusions, we planned to create this guideline, to help you understand which one is actually suitable for your business.

WooCommerce or BigCommerce: Which One Is Suitable For Your Business?

We are concerned about the lack of proper knowledge of the users. Some users may know the features and utilization of those, yet having the overall overview of a website is pretty challenging. 

Let us assist you with the exact path so that you can choose the right one for your organization. 

Basic Pillars

Before we jump into the dip, we must know the general functions of both WooCommerce and BigCommerce. Let’s talk about WooCommerce first. 

WordPress is the primitive pillar of WooCommerce that individuals can use as a plug-in. The functioning step is to install WooCommerce as the plug-in to develop the normal site into online stores. 

On the other hand, BigCommerce is utterly different. It is the builder. It allows individuals to customize the website, assists in promotions and sales and eventually succeeds with a few sets of instructions. 

Implications & Decree

From the general information regarding both platforms, we can imply that if you are a new bird to the online commercial segment, BigCommerce is optimum for you. You will find all the tools you need to launch your business on the virtual surface. 

Nonetheless, if you already have a website using WordPress and are looking to relaunch it as a proper e-commerce store by customizing it. 

Then it is suitable for you to choose WooCommerce for your business. It will serve you tons of audiences. However, the host must be robust enough too.

Time Matter

The building or transferring a website into an online store can differ and mean a lot. When you already have a WordPress website and assume to convert it into an e-commerce portal, it is obvious that you will use WooCommerce as the vital plug-in. 

As a result, it consumes more time compared to other portals to customize and relaunch the website with new horizons.

On the contrary, BigCommerce lies on the horizon of the quick service provider. It can serve you with all the tools you will need in the long run of your business. 

The most impressive fact about this is individuals can find built-in templates to showcase their online stores. Hence, the building process on BigCommerce becomes hurrier than any other portal.

Implication & Decree

When choosing WooCommerce to build an online store, an individual must keep two facts in mind. It will consume plenty of time to customize the WordPress website, and if there is no WordPress, it will consume time to build one. 

Nonetheless, BigCommerce stands on the opposite bank. An individual can build an online store with the same amount of time that an ordinary WordPress website requires while building. Since the features are already set in the BigCommerce platform, you do not need to worry about the effort.

Features For Online Business

The feature is the prime segment you must consider while planning for e-commerce. It will mostly serve you the complete business experience you require to surge your organization. However, none of those is less, yet, features make them different. 


As we said before, BigCommerce will allow you to have an A to Z solution for your business, and it is all because of its features. Here are some major features that will ease your business tasks.



Multi-Channel Selling System

BigCommerce is a one-stop solution for every possible selling option. By properly utilizing this platform, you can achieve a wide variety of access to other platforms like Amazon, eBay, and other social platforms. 

Emailing Process From Selling To Checking Out 

BigCommerce has the ability to fulfill the automatic emailing requirement to the customers. It will send details of customers’ steps like checking out, cart details, etc. 

In addition, it will notify the customers automatically about the left items in the cart which remain for checkout. 


The security system of BigCommerce is adequately robust, providing you with a shelter to secure payments and other essential accesses. 

Monitoring And Tracking

What else do you need to manage an online business? Yes, the perfect monitoring and product tracking system. It is not only your concern; BigCommerce authorities consider this a vital element. 

However, this feature allows you to monitor the present conditions in your business and the left stock after the sale. 

Promotional Activities

Are you not satisfied enough with the features mentioned above? Here is another thing which will promote your business and products drastically. The promotional activities that BigCommerce designed in their templates. 

This ability can email the customers automatically with all the promotional activities you release. Furthermore, it will demonstrate the promotional offers to website visitors also. 


To cope up with the market demand and customers’ flexibilities, WooCommerce runs with various luminous aspects. And all the features of WooCommerce make it an easy and prevalent platform to own. Nevertheless, the prerequisite is a WordPress website.


Independence To Customize

WooCommerce gives the limitless editing feature on your WordPress website. If you have the right knowledge of coding, you can build and relaunch your website with all the scopes you want to see in your website. 

Blog Generating

The ultimate feature of WooCommerce is the limitless sharing capacities. If you are thinking of sharing details about your products, WooCommerce is the option you must go for. 

Moreover, by applying the right coding you can add other features like payment system, security and others. 

Implication & Decree

The deviation is utterly clear. Based on features, if you transfer your WordPress website into a shopping corner, you have no option other than WooCommerce. 

But the best option is to go with BigCommerce and start using the ready-made templates. Moreover, you can change your website according to your desire on the management portal of BigCommerce. 


You may find some quality products on the 10th page of the search engine while purchasing over the online store. What occurs here? 

Generally, audiences visit the maximum 3rd page of the search engine. As a result, those who are staying at the 10th or later pages miss their target market. 

However, the website-building platforms are there to solve this issue related to SEO. 


BigCommerce is known for the ultimate pack with every solution to any kind of problems. 

By using this portal while building a website, you can obtain plenty of benefits. Some of the major benefits are- 

  1. The first thing you can gain is editing the URL relevantly. 
  2. You will be able to edit meta and other key descriptions.
  3. You can attach Alt text to your images.
  4. You will experience the automatic keyword suggestion system to rank your page.


The SEO features of WooCommerce are the same as BigCommerce. One more thing that WooCommerce lacks is the SSL certificate, which enriches the reliability. But you can avail it by spending a little money like $15. 

Implication & Decree

Since BigCommerce is providing the SSL security system by default with other SEO benefits, you must try to own this platform. 

But if you already have a website and want to spend your whole effort with coding knowledge, go with WooCommerce. One thing is worthy to mention is that beginners can run the BigCommerce platform. 

Payment Gateway

Payment option is another thing that we marketers are worried about. But, here are the one-stop solutions, one is BigCommerce and the other one is WooCommerce. 


The payment system of this platform includes more or less everything that we use. 

  1. Debit card
  2. Credit Card
  3. Stripe
  4. Apple Pay
  5. PayPal
  6. Square


On The Contrary, WooCommerce has no limitations. You can accept payment by using,

  1. Debit card
  2. Credit card
  3. WooCommerce Payment and
  4. Various other payment gateway systems. 

Implication & Decree

If you consider the ease of payment, WooCommerce surely wins here with the facility of 100 payment gateway systems. Most importantly, if customers use WooCommerce Payment system, they generally impose no charge. 

Marketing Essentials

Haven’t you ever wondered when you visit a site and it sends various information into your email? It is the magic of the wand of marketing tools. 

All the tools can promote your business and vital productive information to the target audiences. Eventually, your business will end up with a market that you target.

The deviation regarding the marketing tools is pretty simple. BigcCommerce has 213 integrations whereas WooCommerce has only 129. 

Implications & Decree

Though 129 is not a meager number, BigCommerce definitely wins with 213 marketing integrations.  


Budgeting is another factor that must be rolling in your mind since you have already come to know the advantageous sides. Relax your heart muscles cause you are about to get shocked after hearing their price plans. 

BigCommerce has designed its chart to serve the best, from beginners to experts. The cheapest plan starts at $29.95 per month. Is it not enough? The highest offer from BigCommerce is $299.95.

WooCommerce does not stand back considering this factor. It is cheaper than BigCommerce by several times. $120 is adequate to run a website on the WooCommerce platform throughout the year.

Implication & Decree

Though BigCommerce comes with some expensive plans, it is worth it for those without knowledge of coding. But if you have some coding knowledge and know the optimal uses of WordPress, WooCommerce is the one you must own. 

Long Story Short – Pros And Cons

We can’t avoid the fact that all of the things we have experienced till now have upper hands and pitfalls. Likewise, BigCommerce and WooCommerce both have those too. 

Hopefully, it will sharpen your knowledge with a new edge regarding these two platforms. 


The general pros and cons of BigCommerce are,

Pros Cons
All the features are built-in. Expensive plans.
Take less time to set all the pages. Editing may become difficult since all are built-in.
Can establish affiliation with Facebook, Amazon, eBay, etc.  
Has numerous marketing integrations.


Like the other one, WooCommerce has pros and cons too.

Pros Cons
Desireale customizing facilities. Takes more time to build or convert.
Straightforward use. Requires a bunch of plug-ins.
The plug-ins are easily available. Requires coding knowledge to build properly. 
Numerous payment gateway systems. Requires a WordPress website to work on.

Time To Make A Final Decision For Your Business – BigCommerce Or WooCommerce?

The big time has come. After all the explanations about WooCommerce or BigCommerce, we firmly believe that it is clear which one is better for you. Yet, we are here to assist you to the right path. Let’s have a close look at each of the platforms with their overall features.

The table will demonstrate both differences and features of each. After that, you decide which one is better for you.

BigCommerce WooCommerce
It consists of built-in templates or themes that you can use for your business. You have to develop and turn your WordPress website as an online shopping site.
You can start any time with no prerequisite website.  To run WooCommerce for your business, you need to develop a WordPress website.
Since the themes or templates are available, it becomes a challenge to edit the website.  You have to change or re-develop your WordPress website, so editing on a partial segment is not that difficult.
You do not require coding knowledge to develop and release websites through BigCommerce. On the other hand, you need to know the programming language to develop a website through WooCommerce. 
The package includes SSL security which also helps to enrich reliability.  You have to pay extra for SSL security here.
The number of payment gateway systems is less than WooCommerce. It allows above 100 different payment gateway systems.
It has all the SEO serving features. It has the same features as BigCommerce. 
It consumes less time to release a website. Around 40 to 50 hours is enough to release an online business website. It consumes more time than BigCommerce. Sometimes, a week becomes less to release an online business website.
Expensive option to own. You must spend $29.95 per month. If you have meager knowledge regarding website management, you do not need to spend on an expert by hiring for managing a website.  It is 3 times less expensive than BigCommerce. The yearly cost is only $120, meaning $10 per month. But you must add an expert’s cost with that if you are not a coder.
Generally, problems do not arise if you set them up properly.  Require a professional to operate and for fixation.
You will perceive around 213 marketing integrations to throw promotions and other activities. The number of marketing integrations is 129 in WooCommerce, which is not less.
Blogging or describing about the product is not vital here. There is a limitation of everything since the whole theme is ready-made.  Supreme for blogging and product describing. You can turn the whole website according to your need.
It requires no plug-in. You may plug-in some ads on to avail all the features. 


It is challenging to determine the best one for your business services. Nonetheless, you must be careful enough while choosing the platform. We described the possible differences between BigCommerce and WooCommerce. 

But it is on your call now, which one will be adequate for you and what features you need. Though BigCommerce has expensive plans, it can serve you the best from the 2nd day of the website. On the other hand, in WooCommerce, you need to correct it yourself when you face any problem or changes needed. 

The prevailing circumstance is the use of WooCommerce since business organizations hire experts to take care of their online business platform. If you add both the cost of hiring an expert and WooCommerce charges, you will end up with a relative amount of BigCommerce. You must spend time on decision making regarding the website building.

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