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Choosing the Right Watercolor Tattoo Shop

Unlike traditional tattoos that have black carbon-based outlines to delineate sections of the design, watercolor tattoos lack that structure. They also use color to create different moods and are less precise than conventional designs.

When choosing an artist for a watercolor tattoo, look at their portfolio and social media. Check out their reviews and comments too!


Watercolor tattoos have splashed on social media and are not likely to disappear anytime soon. When choosing a tattoo artist, the most important consideration is their experience with your preferred style of artwork.

Many artists specialize in different styles, such as realism, sacred geometry, blackwork, dotwork, script, and illustration, and others may only tattoo in watercolor or other specific colors. Be sure that the artist you choose has extensive experience in inking the style of tattoo you want, and ask to see a portfolio of their work.

Since watercolor tattoos lack a clear, dark outline, the entire design may blur. It is especially true for a large or densely-colored piece. Protecting the tattoo from rubbing against clothing or abrasive exfoliants can extend its lifespan. Some artists have reported that customers who return for touch-ups after a few years have found their tattoos still look vivid!

Customer Service

Tattooing is an interpersonal process requiring the artist to communicate with their clientele. How well they can do this is vital to their customer service skills and is something you can look for during pre-appointment visits.

The front staff and artists should be communicative, open-minded, and happy to work with you to create your vision. It is especially true for a watercolor tattoo, as it can be more complicated and challenging to design than other tattoos.

Watercolor tattoos are a specialized art form requiring a specific eye and skill level. It will ensure that your watercolor tattoo looks as good in 5 or 10 years as it does the day you get it! Find the right watercolor tattoo shops by researching, asking friends and family for recommendations, and examining their portfolios and past works.


Watercolor tattoos are a unique take on the traditional style because they do not have any outlines. It allows the colors to blur, bleed, fade, and run, giving it a more watercolor painting look. It is a style that requires excellent skill, and finding a tattooer familiar with this type of work is essential.

Because of this, these tattoos tend to fade quicker than traditional tattoos. However, the fading can be minimized by using sunscreen and other protective measures. Also, if you have the tattoo placed in a spot that doesn’t rub against clothing as much, it can extend its life.

Watercolor tattoos are a beautiful way to express creativity and capture a moment or memory with sentimental value. As with any tattoo, finding the right shop and artist is crucial to ensure you get the best results and a fantastic piece of art on your body.


Watercolor tattoos are eye-catching pieces of art. They are unique and often depict natural elements in the world around us. These tattoos are characterized by their lack of black and instead rely on shading and gradual shifts in color to create an effect that looks like someone took a paintbrush and brushed it across your skin.

Because of their complexity, these tattoos are more expensive than traditional tattoos. They also tend to fade faster than other types of tattoos due to their lighter inks, so you must find an artist who has experience with this style and knows how to execute your desired design properly.

Choosing an experienced tattoo artist is the first step to getting a watercolor tattoo that will last. It means avoiding sun exposure, keeping your tats covered, and liberally applying moisturizer to avoid fading and dryness. After that, it’s all about taking proper care of your tattoo to help it look as good in 20 or 30 years as it did the day you got it.


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