How to Remove Watermark from Kinemaster Videos in 2024

For Android and iOS devices, KineMaster is a well-liked video editing tool that lets you make and edit films with a variety of features and effects. The watermark “Made with Kinemaster” will appear on every exported video if you use Kinemaster’s free edition, which can seriously degrade the professionalism and quality of your work. You can download the modified version of Kinemaster, pay for a membership, or utilise a watermark removal programme or app if you wish to use Kinemaster without the watermark. We’ll demonstrate several techniques and tools in this blog article to help you remove watermarks from Kinemaster films in 2024.

Why remove the watermark from Kinemaster videos?

A watermark is an overlay of text, a logo, or an image on a video that serves to identify the content’s owner, origin, or source. A watermark can be used to protect, promote, or give credit to the owner or author of the video. Watermarks, however, can also annoy, divert, or restrict the user or viewer of the video. A watermark can:

  • By hiding or concealing sections of the video, you might lower its clarity, quality, and visual appeal.
  • contribute or suggest facts or feelings that the video author or user did not want or desire, thus interfering with the video’s message, tone, and substance.
  • restrict the use, sharing, and editing of videos by imposing rights or guidelines that the user or video creator has not consented to or approved.

Therefore, some people may want to remove watermarks from Kinemaster videos for various reasons, such as:

  • To enhance the visual clarity, quality, and aesthetics of the movie by eliminating any superfluous or undesired watermarks
  • To improve the tone, message, and content of the film by eliminating any unnecessary or unsuitable watermarks
  • Increasing the number of videos that are used, shared, and altered by eliminating the limiting or expensive watermark
  • to demonstrate their individuality, professionalism, and inventiveness by eliminating the generic or typical watermark.

How do I remove the watermark from Kinemaster videos by paying for the subscription?

Paying for the membership is one of the simplest and official ways to get the watermark off of Kinemaster movies. Monthly and yearly subscription plans are the two options that Kinemaster provides. The yearly plan costs $39.99 annually, while the monthly plan costs $4.99 per month. Participating in any plan entitles you to the following advantages:

  • Take away the watermark from any video you have on Kinemaster.
  • Get access to all the premium features, including filters, speed control, voiceover, chroma key, and many layers.
  • Get access to all of the premium materials, including stickers, typefaces, sound effects, music, and photos.
  • Receive assistance and updates from the Kinemaster team.

To subscribe to Kinemaster, you need to follow these steps:

  • Step 1 is to launch the Kinemaster app on your device and press the three horizontal lines that represent the menu in the upper left corner of the screen.
  • Step 2: Tap the gear (settings) icon in the lower left corner of the display.
  • Step 3: Select the plan that best fits your demands and budget by tapping on the subscription option.
  • Step 4: Use your chosen payment option, such as a credit card, debit card, PayPal, or Google Play, and follow the steps to finish the purchase process.
  • Step 5: Once the money has been approved, you may use Kinemaster without the watermark and have access to all of the materials and premium features.

How do I remove watermarks from Kinemaster videos by downloading the modded version of Kinemaster?

Obtaining the Kinemaster modified version is an additional method for getting the watermark off of videos created using Kinemaster. A customised version of Kinemaster is known as a “modded version” because it lacks a watermark on videos and has all of the premium features unlocked. The modded version of Kinemaster may be downloaded via third-party websites like or; however, it is not an official or legal version that can be found on the Google Play Store or the App Store.

To download and install the modded version of Kinemaster, you need to follow these steps:

  • Step 1: Search for “Kinemaster mod apk” in the search box on any website that offers the modified version of Kinemaster, such as or A list of results with various Kinemaster versions and features will appear. Select the one that best meets your requirements, then press the download button. After being sent to a new page, you will have to fill out a survey or a captcha in order to prove that you are human. The download will then begin on its own.
  • Step 2: After the download is complete, open the settings on your smartphone and select Allow to Install Unknown Sources of Apps. Installing the Kinemaster mod apk file—which isn’t from the official app stores—will be possible thanks to this.
  • Step 3: Find and touch the Kinemaster mod apk file on your smartphone to begin the installation process. You could get a warning that the programme can damage your device, but you can ignore it and continue installing the software.
  • Step 4: Once the installation is finished, you can use the Kinemaster app and take advantage of all the premium features without having to worry about your films being watermarked.

How do I remove watermarks from Kinemaster videos by using a watermark remover app or software?

Using a watermark removal programme or app is a third method of getting rid of the watermark on Kinemaster videos. A tool that may assist you in removing, cropping, or covering the watermark from your movies without compromising their quality or content is a watermark removal programme or software. For Android, iOS, and PC devices, there are several watermark removal programmes and tools available, including:

  • VideoProc Blogger is a robust and cost-free video editing programme for Mac and Windows that can quickly and accurately erase watermarks from both Kinemaster and other types of films. Numerous further editing options are available, including crop, trim, rotate, flip, combine, divide, add text, add effects, add music, and more. is a straightforward online video editor that makes it easy and convenient to erase watermarks from both Kinemaster and other media. Numerous more editing functions are also available, including cut, crop, rotate, resize, modify, add audio, apply watermark, and many more.
  • Video Eraser: Get Rid of the Logo With only a few touches, Kinemaster movies and other videos may have their watermarks removed with this user-friendly, free Android video editing software. Numerous more editing options are also available, including text, stickers, music, rotation, flipping, trimming, cropping, and more.
    Crop and Trim Video: This useful and free iOS video editing tool allows you to crop and trim films to remove watermarks from Kinemaster and other types of media. Numerous more editing options are also available, including the ability to add music, filters, rotate, flip, zoom, speed, and reverse.

To use a watermark remover app or software, you need to follow these general steps:

  • Step 1: Use your browser to access the watermark remover website or download and install the watermark remover programme or app on your device.
  • Step 2: Drag and drop the video file, browse your device’s gallery or storage, or import the Kinemaster video from which you wish to extract the watermark.
  • Step 3: Depending on the programme or software you are using, choose the watermark area using a marking tool, a cropping tool, or a trimming tool. Step 4: Click the start, remove, or export button and wait for the programme or software to process and remove the watermark from your movie.
  • Step 5: You can choose to save or share the watermark-free video online or on your device.

What are the benefits of removing watermarks from Kinemaster videos?

Removing watermarks from Kinemaster videos can have many benefits for you, such as:

  • Removing the undesired or superfluous watermark will improve the video’s clarity, quality, and appearance.
  • Removing the unnecessary or unsuitable watermark would improve the video’s message, tone, and substance.
  • eliminating the limiting or prohibitive watermark from videos to increase their usage, distribution, and modification
  • Eliminating the typical or generic watermark demonstrates your individuality, ingenuity, and professionalism.

What are the drawbacks of removing watermarks from Kinemaster videos?

Removing watermarks from Kinemaster videos can also have some drawbacks for you, such as:

  • Removing the watermark that identifies the ownership, source, or origin of the video will result in the loss of protection, promotion, or attribution for the creator or owner of the video.
  • Deleting the watermark that suggests or upholds certain rights or regulations inside the software is a violation of Kinemaster’s terms and conditions.
  • Downloading or installing the watermark-removing software or the modified version of Kinemaster from unidentified or unreliable sources puts your device’s security, stability, and compatibility at risk.
  • Downloading or installing the watermark removal software or the modified version of Kinemaster might cause harm to the original app’s developers and result in them losing out on income and notoriety.


Content of professional calibre may be produced with greater originality when Kinemaster videos have their watermarks removed. Take charge of your videos and realise their full potential by using the techniques described.


  • Is it OK to take watermarks off KineMaster videos?
    1. Watermark removal can be against Kinemaster’s terms of service and copyright regulations. Reviewing the agreements and removing the watermark legally are key.
  • I don’t have to have a membership to remove watermarks.
    1. Some techniques might not be trustworthy or compliant, even when they promise to erase watermarks without requiring a membership. For editing without a watermark, it is recommended to subscribe to Kinemaster.
  • Exist any free options for getting rid of watermarks?
    1. Although certain web resources or third-party programmes could provide free watermark removal services, they might have drawbacks or be of poor quality.
  • When I remove watermarks from my movies, will the quality suffer?
    1. When eliminating watermarks, there can be a small quality loss, depending on the technique employed. To reduce quality loss, it’s critical to experiment with various methods and configurations.
  • Can I use Kinemaster for business projects without adding a watermark?
  1. In order to use Kinemaster for business purposes without a watermark, you’ll need to get a commercial licence or subscription.

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