What is OKX Giveaway and How to Participate in It?

If you are a crypto enthusiast, you might have heard of OKX, one of the leading cryptocurrency exchange platforms in the world. OKX offers a variety of services and products for traders, investors, and developers, such as spot and derivatives trading, margin trading, lending, mining, staking, DeFi, NFT, and more. OKX also hosts various promotional events and campaigns to reward its users and attract new ones. One of these events is the OKX Giveaway, which is a golden opportunity for crypto lovers to win amazing prizes and rewards. In this blog post, we will explain what is OKX Giveaway, how it works, and how you can participate in it.

What is OKX Giveaway?

The OKX Giveaway is a promotional campaign organized by OKX to celebrate its achievements and milestones, as well as to thank its users for their loyalty and support. During the OKX Giveaway, users have the chance to win various prizes and rewards, such as cryptocurrencies, NFTs, mystery boxes, gift cards, merchandise, and even a Tesla car. The OKX Giveaway is usually held for a limited period of time and has different themes and rules depending on the occasion. For example, in July 2023, OKX launched the ULTRAMAN NFTDUEL Giveaway, where users could win ULTRAMAN NFTDUEL genesis cards and Mystery Boxes worth up to $10,000 by completing simple tasks on the OKX App. In September 2023, OKX partnered with Crypto Banter to host the Crypto Banter Raffle Campaign, where users could win a Tesla car and other prizes by trading on OKX and earning raffle tickets.

How Does OKX Giveaway Work?

The OKX Giveaway is designed to be simple and fun for users to participate in. To join the OKX Giveaway, users need to sign up and log in to the OKX App using their email or phone number. Then, they need to complete various missions or tasks on the app, such as verifying their identity, making a deposit or withdrawal, trading a certain amount or volume of cryptocurrencies, inviting friends to join OKX, sharing the giveaway on social media, etc. By completing these missions or tasks, users can earn points or tickets that can be used to redeem prizes or enter lucky draws. The more missions or tasks users complete, the more points or tickets they can earn, and the higher their chances of winning prizes. Users can also earn extra points or tickets by participating in special activities or events that are announced by OKX on its official channels.

How to Participate in OKX Giveaway?

To participate in the OKX Giveaway, users need to follow these steps:

  • Download the OKX App from the App Store or [Google Play] and install it on their device.
  • Open the app and create an account using their email or phone number. If they already have an account, they can log in with their credentials.
  • Verify their identity by uploading their ID document and taking a selfie. This step is required to ensure the security and legitimacy of the users and the giveaway.
  • Go to the “OKX Giveaway” section on the app and check out the current or upcoming giveaways that are available. Each giveaway will have its own theme, rules, duration, prizes, and missions or tasks.
  • Choose the giveaway that they want to join and click on “Participate”. They will see a list of missions or tasks that they need to complete to earn points or tickets for the giveaway.
  • Complete as many missions or tasks as possible before the deadline of the giveaway. They can track their progress and status on the app.
  • Redeem their points or tickets for prizes or enter lucky draws according to the instructions of the giveaway. They will receive a confirmation message if they win any prize.
  • Enjoy their rewards and share their experience with others.


The OKX Giveaway is a great way for crypto enthusiasts to enjoy the benefits of using OKX while having fun and winning prizes. It is also a good opportunity for new users to get familiar with OKX and its features and services. If you are interested in joining the OKX Giveaway, don’t hesitate to download the app and start your journey today. You might be surprised by what you can achieve with OKX. Good luck!

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