Unveiling the C.W. Park USC Lawsuit: A Saga of Alleged Sexual Assault and Institutional Neglect

In April 2021, a former student of the University of Southern California (USC) filed a lawsuit against Choong Whan Park, a tenured professor at the Marshall School of Business, alleging sexual assault, harassment, and discrimination. The lawsuit sent shockwaves through the USC community, raising concerns about the university’s handling of sexual misconduct cases and the safety of its students.

The Allegations Against C.W. Park

The lawsuit paints a disturbing picture of Park’s behavior towards female students, particularly those of Korean descent. The plaintiff, identified only as Jane Doe, alleges that Park subjected her to a pattern of sexual harassment and assault, including non-consensual touching, hugging, kissing, and groping. She also claims that Park made inappropriate sexual comments about her body and other female students.

USC’s Alleged Negligence

The lawsuit also accuses USC of failing to protect students from Park’s predatory behavior. The plaintiff alleges that she reported Park’s conduct to the university’s Office of Equity, Equal Opportunity, and Title IX (OEEOTIX) in 2018, but that the university failed to take adequate action. She further alleges that USC had received prior complaints about Park’s behavior from other students but did not investigate them properly.

The Impact on Victims and the USC Community

The C.W. Park USC lawsuit has had a profound impact on the victims of Park’s alleged abuse and the broader USC community. The victims have suffered emotional and psychological trauma, and they have had to relive their experiences in the public eye. The USC community has been shaken by the allegations, and there is a sense of anger and frustration at the university’s handling of the situation.

USC’s Response to the Lawsuit

USC has denied the allegations in the lawsuit and has vowed to vigorously defend itself. The university has also stated that it is committed to preventing sexual misconduct and that it has taken steps to strengthen its policies and procedures.

The Road Ahead

The C.W. Park USC lawsuit is still ongoing, and it is unclear how it will be resolved. However, the lawsuit has already had a significant impact on the university, and it is likely to have a lasting impact on the way USC handles sexual misconduct cases.


  1. Unveiling the Allegations Against C.W. Park

  2. USC’s Alleged Failure to Protect Students

  3. The Devastating Impact on Victims and the USC Community

  4. USC’s Response to the Lawsuit: Denial and Defense

  5. The Road Ahead: Seeking Justice and Prevention


The C.W. Park USC lawsuit is a complex and troubling case that raises serious questions about sexual misconduct, institutional responsibility, and the impact on victims. As the case continues to unfold, it is important to remember the victims and to hold USC accountable for its actions.


Q: What is the status of the C.W. Park USC lawsuit?

A: The lawsuit is still ongoing, and there is no trial date set yet.

Q: What is USC doing to prevent sexual misconduct?

A: USC has implemented a number of policies and procedures aimed at preventing sexual misconduct, including mandatory sexual harassment training for all employees and students.

Q: What resources are available to victims of sexual misconduct at USC?

A: USC has a number of resources available to victims of sexual misconduct, including counseling, advocacy, and support groups.

Q: What can be done to prevent sexual misconduct from happening in the first place?

A: There is no single solution to preventing sexual misconduct, but there are a number of things that can be done, such as creating a culture of respect and consent, providing comprehensive sexual harassment training, and holding perpetrators accountable for their actions.

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