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Thrive Cosmetics Brands’ Best Versions In China

Sometimes it is difficult to determine which cosmetics are good from the profound collections. There are enormous brands like thrive cosmetics and others that are significantly raised. But do you know several brands belong to China? These brands are always underrated due to no reason. 

But the performance of those brands is similar to many renowned brands out there. Let’s know all the brands that belong to China and offer the best cosmetic products.

Focallure, Best Version of Thrive Cosmetics

For the past few years, Focallure has been creating a revolution in the makeup world. It is prevalent among middle-aged people, both boys and girls. It’s budget-friendly with a smothered and nice texture and has a cruelty-free formula.

Focallure has risen for three of their most hyped products; liquid eyeliner, medium coverage matt lipstick, and foundation. They also have their student combo, which contains every makeup product needed for a complete makeover at a minimal price. Focallure has a rating of 3.84 stars from over 25k reviews, which shows that users are very much satisfied. Beauty bloggers have been using the eye palette of Focallure, and their review has also been nice.

Imagic, 2nd Best Version of Thrive Cosmetics

This one is another brand which has become hyped in the latest times. Known for providing high quality makeup, iMagic is also wallet-friendly. This has become popular in recent times for its eyeshadow palette. This pallet provides multiple shades with both powdery and creamy textures.

The pigmentation is also high. Both nude and dramatic looks can be done using this pallet. The matt honey range lipsticks of this brand are also used by makeup lovers in a wide range for their beautiful shades. Their eyeliner and mascara are also worth mentioning that can be used for an everyday no-makeup makeup look. It has a 4.00-star rating which shows the satisfaction of the users.


Rated with 74% 5 stars, UCANBE makeup is the most popular Chinese cosmetic line for an eyeshadow palette. They are creative, powdery, and nicely pigmented. “Splashy Candies” eye pallet has the most reviews and has a 5-star rating used to create a festive look, for it has a wide range of shimmers. Their body and face paint is also safe, meaning it is toxic-free. The formula is skin-friendly and fragrance-free too. This makeup line is decent and user-friendly for beginners and teenagers. Some of the other renowned makeup products in this brand are lipsticks and face and body paints. The Dream and Maccaron Matte liquid lipstick is basically a lip stain that comes in 8 different shades, which is long-lasting and waterproof.

Sace Lady Makeup

Compared with the other makeup brands mentioned, this line has popularity as a completely new product. Their makeup-applying tools are very relaxed and effective. Spending only a small amount, you can get these fabulous tools. Their makeup-applying puff is the most hyped tool in their line. It is effective for having a poreless and natural finish leaving no strokes. It has a double-layered high-density sponge made up of ruby cells and is very handy for applying base makeup in a large area. Their primer is also worth-mentioning since it gives a blurry effect that can hide imperfections of three skin and prepare your skin before applying foundation. Another cool product on their line is the liquid highlighter available in 3 shaded. It gives a natural illumination to the cheekbones and provides a dewy complexion. 

Banxeer Makeup

Another makeup line of C-beauty is Banxeer beauty which provides fantastic eye products- mascara and fake lashes. It has a 4.1 star ranking in AliExpress. The Gold mascara makes your lashes look dark, rich, and stunning and does not make the lashes look unnatural. The fake lashes are self-adhesive and made of high-quality materials. The extensions are slender, and the roots are also evident. The concealer of this brand is also very well known. It provides full coverage covering the blemishes fully. On top of everything, everything on this line is budget-friendly.

FLD Makeup Brush

These makeup brushes are the most popular applicators available in online stores. They come in a range of 5 to 15 types of brush. The brushes are made of nylon and synthetic hair, and the handle is made of wood. It comprises a foundation applicator, lipstick brush, eyeshadow brush, and many more within a reasonable price. Since it’s an all-in-one makeup brush set, a wide range of looks can be made using these brushes. It also comes up with a roll-up case with a magnetic press closure which is a plus point for maintenance.

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